Pushalot PowerShell Module

What is Pushalot?

Pushalot is a platform for receiving custom push notifications to connected devices running Windows Phone or Windows 8. Custom means that those push notifications can be sent from virtually any source, as long as that source can interact with our open REST API.

What is Pushalot PowerShell Module?

Pushalot PowerShell Module is binary module for PowerShell which enables IT professional to send Pushalot messages from their PowerShell script. Now IT professional can receive instant notifications on their Windows Phone or Windows 8 devices when their script needs attention.


 Latest release
 Monday, 24 November 2014
 Version 1.0.0

 Initial release
 Monday, 24 November 2014
 Version 1.0.0


 Working state

 Source model
 Open source

 Microsoft Public License 1.0

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