PowerShell module development

Windows PowerShell, is both a powerful interactive shell and a programming language (scripting language) from Microsoft. PowerShell is a scripting environment which provides one interface to Windows technologies like WMI, COM and .NET.

A Windows PowerShell module is a set of related Windows PowerShell functionalities that can be dynamic or persist on disk. Modules that persist on disk are referenced, loaded, and persisted as script modules, binary modules, or manifest modules. Unlike snap-ins, the members of these modules can include cmdlets, providers, functions, variables, aliases, and much more.

A binary module is a .NET Framework assembly (.dll) that contains compiled code. Cmdlet developers can use this type of module to create modules that contain cmdlets, providers, and more.

We suggest you to develop Windows PowerShell binary module for your system in order to make your system scalable, automatable and easy configurable.

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